Child Support Video

This video discusses child support and how it’s calculated in Texas. We’ll discuss the factors involved so you can estimate the child support in your situation.

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About this Child Support in Texas Video

Child support in Texas is based on the number of children (of your current marriage).

It’s a percentage of the first $7,500 of adjusted monthly net income. To find the adjusted monthly net income, you subtract income taxes, social security taxes, and union dues from your monthly gross income. You also subtract the health insurance premiums for the children if the person paying the child support pays the premiums.

To calculate the child support amount you take a percentage of your adjusted monthly net income.

  • For 1 child, it’s 20%
  • For 2 children, it’s 25%
  • For 3 children, it’s 30%
  • For 4 children, it’s 35%
  • For 5 or more children, it’s 40%

There are also some adjustments that are made if you are financially responsible for children that are not of this current marriage.

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