Not everyone knows what to expect during an initial consultation with a lawyer. Every attorney handles it differently, but I’ll tell you how we do it.

What happens during the initial consultation?

My first objective is to listen to you. You’ll need to give me an overview of your situation and tell me what your specific concerns are, what’s happened so far (if anything) and what you want to accomplish. I’ll probably have several questions along the way, so it will be more of a conversation instead of just me talking.

Next, based on what you’ve told me, I’ll explain your options to you and what rights and obligations you might have with each one. In most cases, I can make a recommendation based on my experience as to which of the particular options may make the most sense for your situation.

Finally, I will explain how our office operates and tell you what your next steps are if you decide to hire us to represent you.

In many of the consultations I do, I have some materials that I can send you home with you that may explain one or more of your alternatives to you in more detail. There’s always a lot of information exchanged during our first meeting and I’ve found that it makes sense to give you something you can review later.

How much does it cost?

We do charge for consultations. I know very few family law attorneys with experience that do free consultations. Unfortunately, if we gave free consultations, our calendars would be full every day with people that are just looking for free legal advice. We wouldn’t have any time left over to devote to our clients.

We offer a reduced rate of $150 an hour for the initial consultation. The length of the consultation really depends on how many questions you have. Most consultations can be handled in about an hour and it’s pretty unusual for them to take less time than that.

Here’s a tip… if you need to talk to us about divorce, make sure you watch the Austin Divorce Seminar before your appointment. You can get the answers to many of your basic questions for free. It makes the time you spend during your initial consultation with us much more efficient and effective because we can focus on the specific issues that you are facing.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation

We provided the form below so you can easily request an initial consultation. This form will send a message straight to our office and we’ll get back to you quickly with a confirmation. If you prefer, you can call our office at (512) 481-0330 to schedule an appointment.

Our regular office hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday. We normally do not make appointments in the evening or on the weekends. However, we will try to work with you if you have special circumstances. We prefer to meet with you in person, but we can schedule phone consultations if necessary.

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