Texas Family Code

Title 1. The Marriage Relationship

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Chapter 2: The Marriage Relationship

Chapter 3: Marital Property Rights and Liabilities

Chapter 4: Premarital and Marital Property Agreements

Chapter 5: Homestead Rights

Chapter 6: Suit for Dissolution of Marriage

Chapter 7: Award of Marital Property

Chapter 8: Maintenance

Chapter 9: Post-Decree Proceedings

Chapter 31: Removal of Disabilities of Minority

Chapter 32: Consent to Treatment of Child by Non-Parent or Child

Chapter 33: Notice Of Abortion

Chapter 41: Liability of Parents for Conduct of Child

Chapter 42: Civil Liability for Interference with Possessory Interest in Child

Chapter 45: Change Of Name

Chapter 51: General Provisions

Chapter 52: Proceedings Before and Including Referral to Juvenile Court

Chapter 53: Proceedings Prior To Judicial Proceedings

Chapter 54: Judicial Proceedings

Chapter 55: Proceedings Concerning Children with Mental Illness or Mental Retardation

Chapter 56: Appeal

Chapter 57: Rights Of Victims

Chapter 58: Records; Juvenile Justice Information System

Chapter 59: Progressive Sanctions Model

Chapter 60: Uniform Interstate Compact On Juveniles

Chapter 61: Rights and Responsibilities of Parents and Other Eligible Persons

Chapter 71: Definitions

Chapter 81: General Provisions

Chapter 82: Applying For Protective Order

Chapter 83: Temporary Ex Parte Orders

Chapter 84: Hearing

Chapter 85: Issuance Of Protective Order

Chapter 86: Law Enforcement Duties Relating To Protective Orders

Chapter 87: Modification Of Protective Orders

Chapter 88: Uniform Interstate Enforcement Of Protective Orders Act

Chapter 91: Reporting Family Violence

Chapter 92: Immunity

Chapter 101: Definitions

Chapter 102: Filing Suit

Chapter 103: Venue and Transfer of Original Proceedings

Chapter 104: Evidence

Chapter 105: Settings, Hearings, And Orders

Chapter 106: Costs And Attorney’s Fees

Chapter 107: Special Appointments And Social Studies

Chapter 108: Central Record File; Vital Statistics

Chapter 109: Appeals

Chapter 110: Court Fees

Chapter 111: Guidelines for Possession and Child Support

Chapter 151: Rights and Duties in Parent-Child Relationship

Chapter 152: Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction And Enforcement Act

Chapter 153: Conservatorship, Possession, And Access

Chapter 154: Child Support

Chapter 155: Continuing, Exclusive Jurisdiction; Transfer

Chapter 156: Modification

Chapter 157: Enforcement

Chapter 158: Withholding from Earnings for Child Support

Chapter 159: Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

Chapter 160: Uniform Parentage Act

Chapter 161: Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship

Chapter 162: Adoption

Chapter 201: Associate Judge

Chapter 202: Friend of the Court

Chapter 203: Domestic Relations Offices

Chapter 204: Child Support Collection By Private Entity

Chapter 231: Title IV-D Services

Chapter 232: Suspension Of License

Chapter 233: Child Support Review Process to Establish or Enforce Support Obligations

Chapter 234: State Case Registry, Disbursement Unit, and Directory of New Hires

Chapter 236: Competitive Bidding For Child Support Collection Services

Chapter 261: Investigation of Report of Child Abuse or Neglectt

Chapter 262: Procedures in Suit by Governmental Entity to Protect Health and Safety of Child

Chapter 263: Review of Placement of Children Under Care of Department of Protective and Regulatory Services

Chapter 264: Child Welfare Services

Chapter 265: Prevention And Early Intervention Services

Chapter 266: Medical Care and Educational Services for Children in Foster Care

Chapter 267: Interagency Coordinating Council For Building Healthy Families