We’ve answered this question in detail as a part of our Austin Divorce Seminar video series. You can also go directly to the video that discusses child visitation schedules.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to visitation schedules is that the parents can agree to any visitation schedule that you like. The key word is agree. If you would like to have possession of your children on a day that isn’t normally your day, that’s fine as long as both parents agree on it.

The visitation schedules (or possession and access schedules) are usually only used when and if the parents are unable to agree. So if you aren’t able to agree on who should have the kids on a specific date, you can just reference the visitation schedule in your Final Decree of Divorce.

There are 4 common schedules that most of our clients use.

  • Standard Possession Schedule
  • Extended Standard Possession Schedule
  • Wrap or 2-2-5 Possession Schedule
  • Week On/Week Off Possession Schedule

I won’t go into the specifics of each of them here because they’re covered in detail in the child visitation or possession video.

We also occasionally develop custom possession schedules for clients.